4.6 Vitrines and Built Exhibits

All of our built exhibits meet or exceed best practices for accessible design (as outlined in the Physical Design Standards and Graphic Standards for Exhibits sections of this guide, as well as in national and provincial building codes). We prototype and test physical builds to ensure that we strike a balance among any competing requirements and create the best outcome.

Cantilevers are built with metal bracketing/enforcement inside to withstand significant downward force without detaching from support surfaces.


We position all vitrines and built exhibits to provide viewing access for all visitors, regardless of their height or whether they are viewing the exhibit from a seated or standing position.

Floor-mounted vitrines and built exhibits are positioned at a minimum distance of 915 mm apart to allow single wheelchair accessibility between them. Vitrines and built exhibits are not positioned at wall dead ends.

Wall-mounted vitrines and built exhibits are positioned so the lower edges are at a minimum distance of 686 mm above the floor. This measurement provides knee clearance for wheelchair users who want to move close to a case.