7.0 Media Production Standards for Exhibits

One of the challenges the CMHR faced was how to make the conceptual, intangible subject matter of human rights concrete through its programming. Our museological approach relies on storytelling, which in turn requires extensive use of digital media. Across 4,645 square feet (1,416 square metres) of exhibition space, the CMHR displays only about 300 objects, a small number when compared with other museums of equal size. However, during its inaugural period the CMHR also featured over 100 hours of linear media, 94 digital installations (active, interactive and passive), and 19 mixed-media immersive environments, and those numbers have been steadily increasing. The CMHR’s collection is based upon born-digital assets, such as its oral history program, and presenting these assets in an inclusive manner for all visitors is of primary importance.

This section outlines the standards we use to ensure all media production elements in our exhibition spaces are accessible to every visitor to the Museum, keeping in mind that these standards are ever-evolving with technological advances and changes in exhibition programming.